Marteria at Southside Festival 2015.

Germany April 17th – Nov 17th 2015.

Marteria / Marsimoto at SouthSide 2015. Being a photographer and intern at Viva Con Agua e.v, has given me a path to restricted areas at festivals like artist villages, backstages, led me onto artist tour buses and to me this is special because Not everybody get this opportunity and treatment. With an estimated crowd of 80,000 people, South Side festival was just one of these experiences. Meet Marteria, a German rap sensational whose alter ago is MarsiMoto. I happened to move along with his personal photographer called Paul Ripke who also appears in the following presentation, Ripke is the guy behind most of Marteria’s images both stills and videos.

Who is Marteria? /

IMG_6909 IMG_6925 IMG_6919 IMG_6920 IMG_6924 IMG_6911 IMG_6921 IMG_6918 IMG_6916 IMG_6913 IMG_6928 IMG_6873IMG_6869 IMG_6871 IMG_6880 IMG_6887 IMG_7157 IMG_7167IMG_7179



Who is Marteria? /

One thought on “Marteria at Southside Festival 2015.

  1. i love them,most especially dat one wr da man is being carried in black and white i think his singing
    and dat one wr the mans eye is popping out its thru da glass

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