Artist Statement:

Papa is a Ugandan artist working with photography as a main medium; his Contemporary Art practice involves research, intimacy, expression and communication as a process of documenting life.

Short Biography:

B.1990, Papa is an award winning Ugandan photographer (Uganda Press Photo Awards 2013 and 2014), formerly a student of Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere University (2011-2014). He was among 18 Ugandan artists selected from a list of 70 applicants to take part in the KLA ART ’014/ Kampala Contemporary Art Festival that ran throughout October 2014 in which the international jury voted for his project (LE STUDIO BODA-BODA) project as the winner of the “New Talent Award. This project engaged and documented public transport motorbike riders (boda-boda) in photography activities at different motorbike stops in Kampala.

Papa is also a communication designer using graphics, graffiti, fashion & water-color painting. Among other Art centers, Papa was Artist-In-Residence at; Kuona Trust Art Centre, Nairobi-Kenya (April 2015), 32º East/Ugandan Arts Trust on a project initiated by History In Progress Uganda (May-Aug 2014), Afrika Arts Kollective (Sept-Dec 2014), Millerntor Gallery/Viva Con Agua (Germany April- Nov 2015).

Papa’s photography explores the boundary between art and documentary. His art practice aims to peel off the layers of the viewers’ preconceptions that often camouflage his subjects, so that he can document them in their unabridged form.
Through committed research, he uncovers what lies underneath a layman’s perception of the issues surrounding his subjects. He then dialogues with the subjects to assimilate their character, their very essence. Finally by building an intimate relationship with his subjects, he is able to capture his subjects’ integrity through the lens, that inner beauty which is a fusion of their dignity and vulnerability.
His work has been shown in Uganda, Kenya (Kuona Art Trust Nairobi), India (Just Another Photo Festival), Netherlands (Norderlicht Photo Festival, FramerFramed(Amsterdam), Switzerland (Neusicht Art Festival) and Germany (Millerntor Gallery),; and further been featured on websites and blogs around the world, including The UK Guardian, The East African News Paper amongst others.
The Artist works and lives in Kampala, Uganda.


A photograph from my on-going project about the roles and relationships of people “living with albinism” emerged winner of the 3rd Prize Award in Portrait category. This is a project that I started as my major-work ( end of Post Graduate project). Selected photographs from these series have been exhibited both in gallery spaces and online.

This photograph made it #1 on the list of most striking images in the UPPA 2014 competition that was published by THE GUARDIAN , and further been featured on several other sites, blogs and papers.

3rd Prize Award in Portrait category 2014.



Members of Galaxy Dance Crew.
Photographed during a training session.
Metal  Scrap Vendor.
A young Metal Scrap Vendor posing for  portrait,  Makerere- Kivulu Kampala _Uganda.


17 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Oh u the best …ure very talented
    Te vraiment super je suis tre fier de toi chaque jour tu m insipire je te trouve vraiment génial

  2. Am personally an artist “graphic designer” and photographer fresh out of campus and looking at your blog just inspires me …So i would rate it Dope n Awesome cuz each pic tells special story

  3. I salute to you @papashoti…thanks for the great works..YOUR story needs to be documented its a huge n great work ur doing for this world, just do what ur good at we appericate it all.

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