One Grandmother for Everybody

So you didn’t have to worry if you never had one. I was partly raised by my Grandma until I was in primary 5, unfortunately she didn’t live long to get photographed by her favourite grandchild, she actually named me (Papa), does that hint on how much was spoiling me? I dedicate this blogpost toContinue reading “One Grandmother for Everybody”

At Peace with Life, Mona Mour.

With peace from Nepal, ” I just returned after 9 month away from home and I have a culture shock, the lifestyle here isn’t meant for me, people think that I’m crazy”. “You see close your eyes, dont think about anything, give attention to your senses, feel your breath. You see people are afraid of closingContinue reading “At Peace with Life, Mona Mour.”

Marteria at Southside Festival 2015.

Marteria / Marsimoto at SouthSide festival 2015, Germany.

Photo Story|the month of Aug: My friend is a B-Boy.

Mush Ali is a Break-dancer and fashion stylist operating from Owino market and he is an active member of the popular B.P.U(Break-dance Project Uganda), an arts organization that uses Break-dance for social change. Break Dance/B-Boying is the pretty the fastest growing element of Hip hop in Kampala. And the most popular by far. This isContinue reading “Photo Story|the month of Aug: My friend is a B-Boy.”

Riding Life

En route from Gulu. 20 years ago this Northern Uganda district was filled with horror, nightmares and migraines caused by the ruthless killings by the LRA Rebels who are now hiding in C.A.R forests. I happened to take several photographs on my way from the recent concluded Bayimba Regional Festival of the Arts, GULU 2014Continue reading “Riding Life”