Buganda Fashion Through The Ages. 

Capturing these portraits made me feel like I had the chance to travel through time back and forth.

Why do I love film? A question that I get asked very often and some people still don’t think my explanations do really matter anyway. Well I welcome you to my first film scans that I got from my negatives that I shot late last year when I was all excited about using this NikonF55 SLR camera from one of my mentors.

This is a series of portraits that I was blessed to capture at the Makerere University Annual Cultural Gala last year (2013). These portraits take you back in time  a long time ago to see the birth, growth to the present fashion wear and styles of the “Baganda” of Buganda Kingdom (the most dominant kingdom in Uganda).  To date the kingdom still stands.

And some of the faces you are about to see are members of the “Nkoba Za Mbogo” an association of Baganda students at the famous Makerere University Kampala( Uganda) that have over the time seen victory however this time ( 2013) the Bakonjo emerged victors of the annual cultural gala.

Well take a look at these…….






Couple on the left is dressed in a “cow-hide” made dress. While the other is dressed in Banana leaves made dress.


A dress made of Backcloth.


A Muganda warrior(part of the king’s army) with his wives.


Fashion generations summed up in one photograph.




Kabaka’s (King’s) Entertainers.
A dress style of how they used to/still dress while performing.


The modern Baganda couple.


Modern meets Ancient.



A depiction of members of the “Lukiiko” (the King’s parliament) dressed in Kanzu, coats and a royal gown.

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